Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ouch! What's worse than a BAD praise band practice?

We've been meeting for a band only practice for several weeks now, and found it to be very helpful in our goal to bring more worship to our Sunday gathering at New Hope. It's a time to introduce new songs and get the dynamics of the music right. But tonight just wasn't happening. We had picked out some songs that we thought would move the congregation. Yet it seemed as if we were stuck.

Tried the usual ways to work it out - leave the song you are having trouble with and go to the next one. But then that one didn't gel either. Out of three songs we tried, only one really sounded good. But when we got that done, we were able to go back after the first song again. I think tomorrow night will be fine.

What's worse than a bad praise band practice?

No practice.

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