Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why enemy pilots don't sleep well! - from Snafu

Why enemy pilots don't sleep well! from Snafu

Got a call from my friend Hector Edwards this morning. This poster may soon be gracing the wall in my office. What a beautiful piece of engineering. What a generous act for someone to care enough to check into for their pastor (the airplane geek). That's going to be so cool.

Grew up outside Robins AFB watching B-52s and KC-135s roar overhead. Went on base with my dad who worked in maintenance there and got to run a C-130 engine sitting on a stand in the test block. Got to meet a General in my mom's office (who also worked on base). I have always loved military aviation, and Eglin AFB and the Gulf Coast with the Pensacola NAS and Tyndall AFB is one of the biggest concentrations in the US.

I remember putting together a Revell model of an F4 Phantom and thinking how cool it was. Well, the F35 is coolness squared.

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