Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's In It For Me?

One of my favorite pastor/theologians is Ray Steadman. My friends at New Hope have heard that name many times over the years along with others like Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, John Ortberg, and others. Two things all these men have in common is an awe of God and a great sense of humor. Today while studying Steadman's commentary on Hebrews, I came across this:

Some time ago a group of tourists were visiting in the city of Rome, and came to an enclosure where a number of chickens were penned. The guide who was taking them through the city said, "These are very unusual and distinctive chickens. They happen to be descendants of the rooster that crowed on the night in which Peter denied the Lord."

The tourists were very much impressed. One Englishman among them peered at the chickens and said, "My word! What a remarkable pedigree!" An American immediately reached for his checkbook and said, "How much do they cost?" But an Irishman there turned to the guide, and said, "Do they lay any eggs?"
Steadman goes on to make the point that many Christians aren't really in search of more of Jesus, they are simply in search of MORE.

Can this faith give me a more successful life?
Can it help me be a better person?
Can it keep me from worrying?

And a thousand other requests, which should be considered as trivial compared to the enormity of the crux of what our faith is all about -

Knowing Jesus and following Him.

It's not about you. It's about Jesus. Let Him live through you and He'll make your faith a life. His life.

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