Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the Hurt Locker

You know, we've had quite a few Explosive Ordinance Disposal trainees worship with us over the years. It's a 12 week course - rigorous and intense. But it needs to be. The movie "The Hurt Locker" might not be authentic in every respect, but anyone who watches it comes away impressed with both the courage of the EOD techs who risk their lives to protect their friends, and the danger they walk into everyday.

Can't really elaborate, but let's just say I wish I had one of those suits sometimes.


  1. One of my friends served in the army. Here's what he has to say about it on Sojourner's God's Politics blog:

  2. Lots of my friends serve. Several are EOD. The reality of the cost of war isn't something we have to read about here.

    I think the article was written like a lot of sermons - from the conclusion backward.

    My post was using the movie and the EOD life as a parallel to the life of a pastor. It's rough at times.

    Thanks for your comment.