Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Recap July 11th 2010

Odd how God works.

Tackled the next parable in a series where I'm trying to expose people to the way Jesus tied theology to life - everyday life AND eternal life. It was the parable known as "The Rich Fool." You know the one - it's about the guy that is so successful he has a little talk with himself about the future, then gets a wake up call from God. It starts though with a lead-in snippet about a young man asking Jesus to intervene in a probate matter.

Brothers and sisters, I know WAY too much about probate issues after my brother and I walked that road together in the wake of our father's passing. And Bunny has had a smidgen of the pain visit her as well just recently. So even though I was just tackling the next text, God knew when I'd approach and would use it to speak His Truth to our family as well as to the New Hope family. Had others thankful for the message as well. Thank God, folks. Thank God.

This week's context was the week after the 4th, and the occasion of a major advancement in our Fellowship Hall extreme makeover. The guys worked 11 hours Saturday (thanks again Craig, Scott, Taylor,and Mack) getting it done. And everyone was marveling at just how good it looked. More to come.

We chose some songs for that part of worship to engage people and lift Jesus and His work here among us.

God of This City - the Tomlin version but with a bluesy start that really was great
Indescribable - beautiful song for a beautiful summer morning
Your Grace is Enough - love this song's blending of OT and New
Come Just As You Are - "hear the Spirit's call..." yep, that's what to listen for

Had a good crowd and also had a very involved and responsive group at our church conference that evening. Of course the coffee and Bunny's caramel cake probably amped everyone up some. But we discussed what God was leading us to do and how to do it better.

Praying this week for Joe Stoy and the five boys he's bringing with him to RA camp. New Hope paid their way - boys from our neighborhood who need this - and we're praying that God will honor the investment with life changes that will last forever. This is the first time New Hope has sent boys to camp, and I'm really looking forward to hearing about what God did.

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