Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Going To Be Slowing

Another beautiful day in Valparaiso! A nice breeze, sunshine, and a cooler feel in the air today. The school year is winding down now, less than a week

to go for some, but I can still hear the sounds of excited children out for PE. I've been there for that activity, even ran a mile with the kids one morning (Note to self - don't try that in street shoes again - ouch!). The coaches are warm and encouraging, and the kids really respond well. Everything is done in an orderly and respectful fashion. Of course it helps when you have gigantic whistles.

But this morning, right before they finished their time outside, I hear the boom box blasting "We will, we will rock you. We will, we will rock you."

I've heard the kids loud before, but they were really succeeding in rocking me, and I'm 100 yards away! They were loud!

So here's my question. How easy will it be for that poor unsuspecting teacher who receives those kids next period to get them to sit down and be quiet? They've just been rocking the world, racing around outside, and now they have to be quiet and not move? Uh huh. Someone is going to get to see

Ms. Larrimore today. (principal)

In athletics, they use what is known as a "cool-down" period between extreme exertion and rest. Basically you walk and stretch until your body remembers how to go slow. Good idea isn't it? It sounds like the kids next door could use one too. Not a new idea though. As with all good things, it began with God.

10 "Be silent, and know that I am God!

Psalms 46:10 (NLT)

16 But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:16 (NLT)

Think about your life. Are you often operating at a pace not unlike the "we will, we will rock you" decibel level? Do you find yourself increasingly

irritable? Have you caught yourself unable to relax?

Then how can you expect to provide the quiet time with God that you need to grow in Him? We need a time every day to "cool down" and warm up our

relationship with God.

Jesus lived life to the full, with every day being filled with challenges.

People to heal. Disciples to teach. Pharisees to spar with. Every day was packed. How did He maintain His most amazing relationship with the Father?

He often ---- this means regularly - not just on Sunday at church withdrew ---- got away from everyone except God to the wilderness ---- a place of no distractions - just the attraction of God's presence for prayer ----- intentionally pursuing a close fellowship with God.

Can we do less?

Grace, mercy, and peace,

David Wilson

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