Thursday, March 27, 2008

Modern Parables

The power of story. Jesus knew it and used it effectively to get people to remember what he said and apply it to life. Many times I've had people tell me they remember illustrations I have used, when I have the feeling they'd be hard pressed to give me the main elements of the sermon it came out of.

So I've been trying to incorporate more visual and tactile media into what I do and am on the search for more materials. Stumbled across this today. From my initial impressions, the idea and execution are pretty good. Modern Parables

There's a sample lesson and both teaching and student materials available on the website for use. The whole collection is very reasonably priced considering the production values. Really very impressive and I'm looking forward to more from these folks.

There's a list of reviews and quotes on the website. Since I'm SBC and missionally minded, I noted this one. Robert Lewis did an amazing job in his context, so when he recommends, I listen.

“Today’s culture has become known as ‘the screen generation.’ Learning comes primarily through seeing. That’s why I am so excited about Modern Parables. It offers the truth of God visually in a way that speaks to our modern world. What a great new tool for the church! I highly recommend it.”
- Robert Lewis, D.Min., Pastor-at-Large, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR

Check these out. Why not use what does the best job at reaching into the culture today with the timeless message of the gospel?

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