Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dazed and Confused

My good friend Mr Ian Anderson had an event a couple of weeks ago. He
was supposed to be picked up by his aunt Blythe from Valparaiso
Elementary and ferried by her to his piano lesson across the street at
New Hope. Blythe was there at the appointed time and no Ian. She went
in and asked about him, and they exchanged looks that said "huh?"
followed by a "he already left."

She flew over to New Hope, where Ian had arrived minutes earlier and
begun his piano lesson. Immediately Blythe flew into him "Ian Thomas
Anderson" you were supposed to ride here with me today. You scared me
to death." (When they use your full name, it's never good. Don't ask
me how I know.)

Ian looked at her and said "I'm sorry. I must have been dazed and confused."

It happens.

My heart tells me that a lot of people are that way. They are dazed
and confused by the difference between what they have heard and
understood about the message of Jesus and what they see lived out by
the people who bear His name.

And the only way to change that is for those of us who follow Him to
love Jesus so fiercely that we change our actions to square with our
beliefs. To love God will all our heart and soul, and to love our
neighbors like Blythe loves Ian. She would have pursued him to the
ends of the earth and done anything to make sure he was safe.

We cannot do any less with those who don't know Jesus.

So don't just believe it - LIVE IT OUT LOUD!



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