Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy Idea #... the next one

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As you can see, Valparaiso sits alongside the Bayous off of Choctawhatchee Bay, which is itself behind the barrier islands that Destin etc sit on. On Boggy and again on Tom's Bayou, the city has established parks (Lincoln and Florida). These have beaches and are very popular public areas all year round. They have cookout facilities, rest rooms, and pavilions for use by groups.

Once spring begins, we have teams that go down on Saturday and give away snocones. We get to bless the community and meet people we otherwise wouldn't. Not very effective in terms of drawing people here. What we'd like to do is have worship down there once a month during the summer. And to do that in conjunction with a free BBQ cookout party. We'd bring in a musical group, have them do their thing, I could do a brief devotional talk at some point. Idea again is to establish a presence away from the doors, and meet people who aren't already here.

We are looking at buying a "kitchen trailer" to aid in this. It has a stove, two sinks, a refrigerator, and a canopy to serve under. We'd pull it up down there and roll out a generator and cook with propane. Probably give away hotdogs and hamburgers as well as our usual snocones.

We would also use the "kitchen trailer" to aid groups in raising funds, as well as in disaster relief work should that prove necessary again.

So the idea is: worship and cookout in the park once a month on Sunday afternoon/evening - free to the public. Purchase a trailer to aid in that and in other outreaches and ministry.

Sound crazy? Help me think through it.

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