Monday, March 10, 2008

What Does My Reading Say About Where I'm Headed?

I'm here on my day off trying to get over a nasty cold and Bunny and Sean have headed out to Destin to pick up a few things. I've had three phone calls from members, read some of my seminary text, and watched a little TV. (Why do we even have TV - there's nothing there)

For some reason I glanced up and saw the books I have here on my desk. Now I have a couple thousand in my office at church, but these here at home are in sort of a rotation. I'm either using them for background information on what I'm currently doing, reading them for what I might be doing, or rereading them because something in them is causing me to think.

I like to think.

So here's the list.

They Like Jesus, But Not the Church - Dan Kimball
unChristian - Kinnaman & Lyons
The Cross and the Prodigal - Ken Bailey
Searching for God Knows What - Donald Miller
Breaking the Missional Code - Ed Stetzer
Matthew - the Holman NIV Commentary - Anders
Matthew - the Communicators Commentary - Augsburger
The Jesus Creed - Scot McKnight
An Unstoppable Force - Erwin Mcmanus
The Jesus Way - Eugene Peterson
Communicating for A Change - Andy Stanley
The Present Future - Reggie McNeal
Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places - Eugene Peterson
Living the Questions In Matthew - the Navigators
Crossing Cultures - Lane
To Follow Him - Mark Bailey
A History of Christianity - Paul Johnson
The Moody Handbook of Theology

Man, I need to go find some good fiction. LOL

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