Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wrath and Mercy

I've been working feverishly today to try to wrap up the details of our Good Friday service. In past years, we've done a pretty traditional Tenebrae or "Service of Shadows" where the congregation is led through the Scripture readings of the last day of Jesus' life on earth from betrayal to crucifixion and death. We've used hymns as breaks in the readings, and gradually lowered the lighting as we progressed.

Since in our run up to Easter we've spent Sunday nights worshiping in a more interactive and symbol filled way, I decided to try to make this Good Friday service in that mold. I was fortunate to find another church's efforts from last year.

In this service, called "The Cup", the object is to get the participant to FEEL just how distant our sin had drawn us from God's ideal - into the wrath of God, and just what the cost of the price that was paid to satisfy our debt was.

We're hoping that the Holy Spirit will use this worship experience to draw people to the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Prayers gratefully accepted. :)

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