Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy Idea #3285

We have people who love to cook, and people who love to eat, and people who like to watch movies.

There are people who share all those traits who are not part of the New Hope family of Christ followers.

What if we offered "Dinner & a Movie" once a month and had our cooks prepare a meal, our nursery and children's folks do their stuff, and show a movie with dessert after so people could mingle and we could make some friends?



  1. Excellent idea! Go for it.

  2. maybe. you might still have the barrier of people coming into the church building to overcome.

    My friend does a great ministry, "Movies in the park".
    they have a outdoor ampitheatre in the local park. The local real estate company sponsor them, they set up a data projector, good sound, show a recent kids movie, sell hot dogs, and build bridges. After a while of doing it during the summer months, they have built up good community goodwill and get a few hundred along.
    (great weather in Perth helps of course)