Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy Idea #3287

We have "game night" once a month here, where the kids and some adults get together and play board games against one another. It's not fun having a 7 year old whip you at Yahtzee. Don't ask me how I know.

What if we got several copies of a PC based game like Cesear 2, or Rise of Nations and had a lan party as well? Might bring in some others in this technologically savvy part of the world. We got engineers on top of engineers here.

Ooooh - we could buy 10 copies of F-15 Strike Eagle or F-16 Falcon and get one of the pilots from the base over here and teach them some humility. :)

Or get some Ranger Camp instructors over to play us in America's Army.

If we did the latter, we could publicize it and maybe get a bunch of folks and build some goodwill with military units here. Awesome people, doing a great job who don't get told "thank you" near enough.

Of course with my game prowess, I'll be over with the elementary school kids playing Trouble, or maybe "Operation".

Whatcha' think?


  1. I approve of this message.

  2. your idea - lan party - is not way out, and it is VERY on-time. too many post-mods are going away from 'church' because the 'people at church' don't understand, or don't pretend to know them. why not use a very modern approach to deliver an age-old message ... and i'm not talking about the Gospel (that comes later), i'm talking about community and relationship. maybe the celts had it right the first time, before the 'big church organization' got involved? build community, build relationship, then build trust and faith.

    if you had a lan party, *i'd* come ... but someone would have to spring for the flight from europe, i'm pretty sure 'lan party' would not be an reimbursible expense ;-)