Friday, March 21, 2008

While We Go About Our Business This Weekend

Easter weekend has begun, with churches all over busy holding Good Friday services, Saturday easter Egg hunts, and Easter morning sunrise services. It's a frenzy for some.

Ironic isn't it.

The first participants would have been huddled in darkness, shrouded in secrecy, straining to hear footsteps that might mean the same officials who put their Master to death had decided to handle the rest of the problem. Nerves would have been raw. Tempers short. The dark room's outlines must have seemed fuzzy through bleary, tear stained eyes.

It was as if all the light had fled, all the life they had known - was dead. Buried. Gone. Forever.

Who of us can identify?

Who of us can understand just how lost they felt that Saturday before Easter?

When there was... no hope.

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