Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Friday 2008 @ New Hope

One of the amazing things about this time in which we live is that ministries across the globe can be used by God to help others preach the gospel and impact their communities. While working on Good Friday 2008, I came across and found they had made their Good Friday 2007 service available on the internet with explicit instructions - everything you needed. So with their permission, I have adopted "The Cup" as our framework for this years' Good Friday.

We'll use most of it, but add some elements I think will make it fit our "service of shadows" theme. The Johnny Cash version of "Hurt" with the list of sins rolling down in the darkness should fix the understanding in our hearts of how unworthy we are to receive God's grace.
Come Ye Sinners is a plea to - in the light of what we are and what we deserve - to draw near to God. The "Cup" is the cup of God's wrath poured out for our sins on Christ for our benefit and to His pain.

As William Willmon said somewhere "If the church doesn't tell people who they really are, who will?"

Well, we are going to tell.

Here's the lineup, if you have any questions just let me know.

21-Mar-08 New Hope Baptist Good Friday 2008

1 Explanation - sin, wrath, price-paid!
2 Video: "Hurt" - Johnny Cash (runs with a stark background ppt of sins listed)
3 Come Ye Sinners (runs with video from the passion)
4 Video: How Deep the Father's Love (More video from the passion)
5 reading 1
6 pouring and screenshots
7 When I Survey video with Fernando Ortega
8 reading 2
9 pouring and screenshots
10 Alone: Peter's Monologue - from Lifeway's site
11 reading three narrator
12 Nothing but the blood (redmon) praise team
13 reading four narrator
14 pouring and screenshots
15 Were You There congregation (video backdrop)
16 Communion directions
17 Communion Taken deacons
18 the Last Painting (great ending of a painting of the crucified Savior)

We depart in silence to await the Hope of Easter.

Many thanks to our brothers at worship trench for sharing with us.


  1. jordan fowler9:20 AM

    let us know how it works for you guys. we threw it up thinking...ah, somebody will use this but we never anticipated this kind of response. We've had over 300 downloads of it. We'll throw up another one soon (entirely tactile).

  2. jordan7:08 PM


  3. It went really well Jordan, thanks. I was involved up front so I didn't get the full effect. (I poured) But folks out front said it was very moving.

    It was a great contrast with the light of Easter. Exactly what was needed.

    We made a ppt slide with a multitude of sins that popped up sequentially during the Johnny Cash "Hurt" song.

    If I do it again, we'll station someone behind the cross to pour and that only. I walked across to do it and it was a lull in the pressure the service was crafted to do.

    Thanks again for your help.