Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There are cats and there are cats

Just saying that sometimes life comes at the pastor and his family at high speed.

Right now we're waiting for word from Macon about Bunny's mom who had to be admitted again to the hospital through the ER today. Our niece Abby continues her courageous fight against cancer as she begins another round of chemo soon. The probate case concerning my father's will hasn't finished. I'm in my final term at Rockbridge Seminary and gathering materials to make my case for a diploma in February. Bunny's struggling with some physical issues.

That overlays all the "normal" ebbs and flows of a "typical" week in the smaller church. We have worship practice, bible study and prayer tomorrow night. One of our deacons is in the hospital. Friday night we'll host the neighborhood for a movie and treats. Then Sunday is Sunday and requires preparation and time to reflect on what God is saying.

So when you think about those cats I'm herding, don't think tabby or persian. Just remember the picture above. :)

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  1. I have enjoyed your theme of the pastor's life as "herding cats" and we're not talking pussy cats as your picture depicts.
    One of my favorite things I do at Rockbridge is to read the capstone project and see what God has done in your life during the past few years. Way to go!