Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In recent days, I've read attempts by some to try and spin Sen. Obama's record and opinions on abortion. Dr. Robert George utterly and completely destroys those arguements and makes a comprehensive and compelling case for why a vote for Obama will cost lives.

Read his article by clicking here

Just for background, I grew up the beneficiary of the work of FDR. As a young man I participated in Democratic party politics because of their work on civil rights and the feeling my family always had that they were the party of the little man.

But abortion is murder. It has always been that shining line that I could not cross to return to my Democratic roots. Lord knows we could use some health insurance around here. The thought of Wall Street fat cats raking in millions and getting a free pass makes me ill. And once you have come to know and love the people who make up America's military you are far less likely to root for war.

Life. It is precious. It is a gift from God. I cannot vote for Obama, and I will vote as a civic duty and in faithfulness to what I understand as my duty to God. Please read the article and consider your vote in light of Scripture's clear statements.

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