Monday, October 20, 2008

All That Glitters

When you become a pastor of a smaller church, it is not like taking another job. It is more like taking on and being taken into a family. You know how it is with family - things that other people dismiss out of hand are actually very precious to you.

So it is with glitter.

I walked into the sanctuary Sunday morning, and the sun was streaming in the windows that make up one whole side of our worship space. The sky was blue, and butterflies were flying by on their way to the next flower. It was then I noticed the glitter shining all along the floor.

In some places, a pastor would have immediately been upset that the congregation's house of worship had not been cleaned effectively prior to the Sunday morning gathering. Not this pastor. Through that glitter I could see a host of little girl's faces the Wednesday night before, making crafts and learning about Jesus. With each sparkle I remembered the girls who had come to know Christ over the years through that ministry.

It made me smile, and think that God did too. To have the opportunity to work with Him and see His grace poured out. Maybe it's true that all that glitters isn't gold.

Or maybe sometimes all that glitters is far more precious.

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