Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Smaller church, buildings too small, mortgaged and located in an area with high insurance rates, high cost of living.


I hates it.

We're a church that does more with less than any church I have ever known. We don't waste anything, aren't extravagant - just the opposite. But rare is the month that I don't have the admin guy drop a printout on my desk with accompanying verbiage about reserve funds being dry, people not understanding, how are we going to make it, etc.

While I know overhead is a fact of life, I also know that people give to vision, not to Gulf Power. For example, we decided to do a movie outreach for Halloween, and do it outside. Within a week a group of our folks had purchased a portable projector off ebay so we would have everything we needed.

So forgive me for griping, but I'm reminding myself again - it isn't about buildings.

It's about Jesus.

I'm tempted to celebrate the fact that since our reserve is gone, we're ALL IN and have to really trust God to provide for everything.

What a concept.

Yeah I know, I'm a silly visionary. But I seem to recall someone saying that "God's work, done God's way, will never want for God's supply."

So just maybe it's about the work we do for Him and not where we do it.


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