Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The End Is Near

This email confirms your registration for the October term which begins Tuesday, October 21. You will not have access to your classroom until Tuesday. Your registration will appear after the rosters are built Friday the 17th or Monday, October 20th.

This term represents a record enrollment and we truly appreciate you continuing or beginning your studies at Rockbridge.


Linda LaRussa
Student Advisor

My last class at Rockbridge Seminary - The Capstone Course

In this course you will build a ministry portfolio that demonstrates your accomplishment of learning goals which you set at the beginning of your seminary program.

To demonstrate learning, you will:

• Describe your learning journey during the time you have been enrolled in your Rockbridge Seminary degree program
• Analyze how your ministry competency inventory has changed from the beginning of your Rockbridge Seminary studies until now and where your development horizons are moving forward
• Present a digital Ministry Portfolio documenting your achievement of 35 ministry competencies

I can see the end of this phase approaching, and I am glad.

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