Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not A Chance

I received a postcard in the mail today from a group called "Alliance for Churches VS IRS"in Mossy Head, FL. The postcard was stamped with a message on the back.

Friends, I'm up to date on the laws regarding the limits of church and state. Personally, I can endorse and attempt to persuade others on issues and for candidates. From the pulpit I can do all God calls me to do - and will. There's not a chance a postcard or the whole federal government will change my determination to carry out the will of God.

Politics isn't what matters to me. The spiritual lives and health of the people God has placed me here to serve matter. If God calls me to speak a word about how a particular issue relates to His will expressed through the Scripture, then I'll do it every single time as long as I have breath.

/rant off

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