Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our God Saves

Sometimes God is so present. He was tonight as we rehearsed (hate to use that word when it comes to worship - insert a better one for me) a new song by Paul Baloche named "Our God Saves."

Here's Paul telling the story behind it.

I'm going to say this again for the hymn-starved "let's sing more songs from the hymnbook" crowd.

This song, my friends, IS A HYMN.

We were rocking New Hope tonight singing praises to our God and presenting ourselves as an offering of praise.

Awesome. Hated to leave.

It's called worship.

Catch it.

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  1. David, I would be interested to know how you do worship songs at your church - how is the worship team put together? If you have a video of musical worship that would be helpful. We are in the process of reworking/enhancing (I hope) our musical worship time at our church. If you have time to shoot me an email that would be fine - here's my address: pritchett4 (at)