Sunday, September 04, 2005

As To Dying Men

"I preached as never sure to preach again, and as a dying man to dying men."

I've spent a lot of time lately around dying men.

One lies in a hospital nearby, having already lost his arms, and soon to lose his life. I know him, but not well.

The other is my father, who at 85 is carrying esophageal cancer in his body.

Nothing like hanging with the dying to focus your preaching on what matters. Today I tried to do just that. In a series on the "Marks of a Christian" I focused on "Groups" or "Community" and laid out before the crowd the "one another" passages in the NT.

I was desperate to make them understand - to embrace and be embraced by God's plan for His people - redeemed and restored to rescue their neighbors.

I pray I got just enough out the way for that to happen.



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  1. Hey Dude,
    The Index got your letter and I'm sure they will print it. It you want a copy, I'll try to get one to you.

    Thanks; they were very must've gotten your too smart kid to write it.