Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where In the World Is God At Work?

If you look to the right, (if you can tear your eyes away from Canaan's picture) you'll see a badge for the "Red Letters Campaign." They are doing some awesome work in reaching "the least of these" with the love of Jesus. I received an email about a week ago from them about some new initiatives and opportunities for smaller faith communities like ours. So I wrote for more information and am praying that God might use us too- to love Canaan and his brothers and sisters.

As I've said before, I believe that compassion is learned by doing compassionate acts, and serving is learned through service. "Book Learning" isn't nearly enough.

So pray that God will reveal whether we're about to join Him in another adventure. :)

And here are ten things you can do right now to help them in their work from their website.

Go over there!


  1. Morning Dave,
    I can't tell you how it thrills me to see these types of posts. This is my heart and my passion. I am an adoption journalist for RLC and have a couple of friends who are heavily involved with them...Brandi McElheny and Angel Weir (started RLC with her husband) who also blog for them, as well as Jennifer Issac from "From HIV to Home".

    I know your life is not simple right now with your in laws moving in, but I am aware of an opportunity for pastors to go to Uganda with Children's Hopechest in the spring with Tom Davis. I could hook you up with the right people if you would be interested. This may be the opportunity you mentioned in your post, but wanted to throw it out there just in case.

    Anyway, just want to let you know how excited I am to finally see a pastor and church who are getting it right.

    We have really enjoyed our visits to New Hope.


  2. It's so weird the way God works. When I did a series about a year and a half ago focusing on the "red letters" in the NT, I googled the phrase and found Tom's blog. Bunny and I have always wanted to see New Hope not just reach the neighborhood kids, but have those kids be involved in reaching kids around the world. So I did a review of Tom's book and started following his work. Over the last year, God has really pushed me to step out and help my loved ones at New Hope to catch the dream.

    I had no idea you had any relationship with RLC. When I read your comment to Bunny, we both had tears because we knew, again, that God had been at work around and in us.

    I will definitely follow up with you on the idea of seeing first-hand what we as a community of faith could do as an RLC partner.

    But right now, I just want to sit here and thank God for being so loving and kind as to show me His heart and offer me a chance to bring Him joy.

    And He did that this morning through you.

  3. already gone to the projects for kids link - funny how God works to put things together at just the right time!

  4. No way! Missy is a GREAT friend of mine. I can't believe how this is working together! I can't wait to talk to you. There is a whole movement being started right in your own area. . .God is so good. I hve chills.

    Bunny, did you know that Missy is the one who helped start KidsLake, the RLC kids section?

    Can't wait to talk!