Monday, January 05, 2009

Of Books I Got for Christmas

Just began reading the first two of 2009. I wish I could say how many I read last year, but I don't really read for records. I love books. So I'll read pretty much anything that might interest me along with books that might help me grow.

The first is this book about someone I was raised to hate with a passion - and not just about him, but about what he did to my native state that still had people growling when I was a little boy. I once preached in a church where the people were still upset that Sherman's men quartered their horses in the sanctuary and fed their horses from their pews.

The second book, The Blue Parakeet, is by Scot McKnight. I really enjoyed his earlier book "The Jesus Creed" and so I am expecting great things from this one as well. Scot's a fine scholar with a badly needed irenic outlook on things that divide the Church.

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  1. And, just look at how much sweeter that little blue parakeet is than the mean old grump on the cover of the other Christmas gift!