Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Symphony of Prayer

I'm in our time of prayer tonight before Bible study. We gather around the tables after the meal and one by one we pray - either silently our out loud, for the requests we have shared with one another. Tonight there were maybe 5 tables of people praying. Not a large group, but we're not a large church.

I had shared what is going on with Bunny's Mom and Dad, and how we were exploring how to get them here and care for them if that turns out to be their decision. It's been a whirlwind day of trying to get a handle on home health care, Medicare, equipment, and everything that comes with the care they would need. Frankly, it is overwhelming to go from very little knowledge of all these things to enough to make decisions that would affect people you dearly love and want to honor.

We will trust in God and depend on Him.

And tonight, as everyone was praying, I heard in the cacophony at regular intervals snippets like "and Oh Lord, give Bunny's Mom and Dad strength", "Father, be with Bunny and David and guide them..." and the like.

My heart swelled in my chest, knowing that God had heard our name, knew our needs, and had blessed us by surrounding us by people who loved Him, and us.

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  1. David, you and Bunny are in our prayers too. I am blessed to have known you, if only through the 'net.