Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tools and Fools

I'm what they call a "gadget freak", "techie", or whatever they are using nowadays to signify a person who gets distracted by the newest bright and shiny new toys. That's the newest - just came out today - Palm Pre. Oh yeah, I could use one of those.

But at what price?

Bunny and I made some choices a long time ago that still remain true for us today.

God comes first.
Family comes next.
People matter.
Stuff? Not so much.

So we're here, serving God, trying our level best to be all our family needs us to be, trying to love and care for those around us. And trying to strike the right balance on "wants" versus "needs."

Now that does not mean we are martyrs. Not by any means. We are blessed to be renting a nice house, to be driving a great vehicle for our needs, and to have more than probably 95% of the world's population does.

But the choices we make are usually to do more with less, to buy used rather than new when it makes sense, and to stay a couple years back on technology to normalize the prices of "shiny things."

Chasing the latest and greatest technology won't help me love God more. It won't help me love my wife, my sons, my family more. It won't keep me connected in a closer fashion to those I care for.

So while I applaud Palm for FINALLY getting it right (I've used Palm devices since 1998), I'll see the Pre when the world has moved to the next new toy and I can pick one up on the cheap.

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