Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday night stream of unconciousness....

- Great to have the media guru back
- Should we ever plan on starting an early service we will need MASSIVE AMOUNTS of coffee
- Sean and I have decided that some songs we do... don't need keyboard and some don't need guitar, now all we need to do is actually stop playing on them :)
- Preached with a sense of urgency and passion born out of a tough week with God
- Honestly, I'm fed up with boring Christians making a mockery of what we are called to do
- Had a visitor rededicate her life to God and fling herself on His mercy
- Had a young girl publicly step out and identify with Jesus
- Had two visitors that I met at the back door after - two women who said "Darrell Eldridge said to say 'hello'." Dr Eldridge is the president of Rockbridge. He is their son and brother respectively. How cool is that!!
- We need more adventure
- We need to take more risks
- We need to do things that will only succeed if God empowers them
- We need to create in all the folks that make up New Hope a sense of anticipation - a sort of "what's next, papa?" outlook to every day with God.

- and Bunny and I need to be involved in some hands on ministry outside New Hope that we are passionate about

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