Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Working today on a series that strips as much as possible of the layers of tradition away from the radical calls of Jesus on His followers. It will come from Matthew's gospel, which originally was used to help converts understand what was required of them. I'll also be sourcing from the "Didache", an early church manual for disciples of Jesus, and some of Dallas Willard's work on discipleship.

My working title is "Crux"

Maybe you'd like to begin reading the gospel of Matthew again(and again) in preparation for what God is prepared to do within our hearts during the coming weeks.

I am so excited that we have some baptisms scheduled for the first Sunday in February and that we will be beginning our small group study of "Experiencing God" the week after that. There's a movement of God approaching and I can feel it in my bones.

So read. Pray. Prepare.


  1. you could have called it 'Naked' like one of our mutual friends...with appropriate (or innapropriate :) ) graphics!


    why the moderation?

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