Thursday, May 08, 2008

So, It's Mother's Day AND Pentecost Sunday

I still remember Dr Jerry Oswalt in a preaching class I took many years ago at the Marietta Branch of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary commenting on preaching on holidays. "On Mother's Day, what text you choose to preach on doesn't matter. Just remember this cardinal rule - The sermon better be short and it better be about Mothers."

This year, Mother's Day also overlaps with Pentecost Sunday. Now, I am a Baptist, but I seem to recall that day being a pretty big day in the life of the church. Some even call it the "birthday of the church."

So with Dr Oswalt looking over my shoulder, and centuries of Christian tradition in silent witness... what to do?

We'll be giving a nod to Moms with a great video at the beginning of worship, then pressing on into the third "Blind Spots" sermon. Not sure what to do about pentecost, but then I'm probably the only one in the whole church who even knows it is this week.

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