Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sacred Ficus Exists??

For years, some of my friends in ministry and I have laughed and groaned when we've considered those traditions in our churches that didn't contribute to the work of the Kingdom. One of them used the term "sacred ficus" to describe them, after he got in trouble for tossing some long faded and dog-eared fake plants off their stage. When he was called out for it, he said that he replied "I didn't know the ficus was sacred."

Well, the picture above is of a "sacred ficus."

Apparently, to the Hindu, this variant of the fig tree actually is sacred.

Made me laugh again, just thinking about replacing those fake ficus (ficusi? ficusisis?) with two of those and explaining that to my friend.

Some examples of "sacred ficus" that I've heard about from some of my friends (and these cross several denominational lines and are spread out across the country)?

The pulpit. Has to be number one with a bullet. No matter that it takes up 4 feet of the stage, or that the preacher doesn't spend any time behind it. It is "the sacred desk" and must not be removed.

The communion table. Again, you might only serve the Lord's Supper once a quarter, and use it the rest of the time for a flower stand or place to put a big Bible no one ever reads, if it has always been there, it always should be there.

The hymnal. Sure, you've finally invested in that whole media package with projector and screen. And it's great for sermon outlines and memorial pictorial displays. But the words of Charles Wesley, Fanny Crosby and Bill Gaither should never be projected.

I'm sure there have to be more. Any particular ones where you are?


  1. The church building itself. It's sacred. If a kid runs in it, he's in sin. If you don't wear a tie or decide to- God forbid!- wear jeans, great transgression has been perpetrated against the holy temple. Somehow or another, Christians failed to understand that WE are the temple and the building is just a building...

  2. Check out this link to find out what the sacred ficuses you are talking about will eventually do to you.