Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Hope @ Worship 050408

I half expected to find a bunch of people using canes and smelling of Icy Hot today after yesterday's grueling lawn skills competition, but we had a good crowd who seemed to move around just fine. Everyone was so pleased with the outcome, we started off with a head start toward worship in community.

My goal this week was to bring us around to the point of seeing our lives as reflections of Christ everywhere we are, and to see hypocrisy as brutal to any hope we have in relationship with God, with each other and to our witness for Jesus. Our hope then, is found in what our Great God gives us - His Word, His Spirit, and His community of believers called the Church.

So the worship through song reflected that:

Indescribable - "...and you love me the same, you are amazing God."
Offering - "...there is no shadow in Your presence."
True Worship Song - "I'm standing here because of who you are, and what you've done."
In Christ Alone - " power of hell... can ever snatch me from His hand."

"Come Just As You Are"

So that's the idea. God knows us. Who we are - really. And once we are His, He loves us no matter what. But He loves us too much to leave us enslaved by the chains of hypocrisy.

Blindspots - The Sequel
Here's a link to the church cloud site. Just click on the sermon audio "play" icon.

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