Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's 4AM, Do You Know Where Your Great Dane Is?

That's a picture of Bunny and Henley the Great Dane from a couple of years ago. Henley is 42" tall and 155lbs.

Last night, at 4AM, I awoke to a small whining noise. I finally got the light on, and looked around the room - no Henley.

He was stuck UNDER the bed.

In an action I'll probably pay for later, I picked up the king sized bed and Bunny coaxed him out.

I'm still waiting for my explanation from Henley. :)


  1. I'm surprised that the noise was small, given the size of the dog!

    My guess is he'll never tell you why.

  2. They are just big babies, these danes. I've been his hero all day today though. :)