Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Recap Oct 11 2009

Today New Hope met to worship Almighty God and ordain Craig Bryan as a deacon.

We kicked it off with Bob Dylan's "Got To Serve Somebody", and moved through "Indescribable" and "Offering." The invitation song was "I Surrender All."

The take away points were:

- Humility comes before honor. Until we humble ourselves before God, we cannot expect God's best in our lives. We're not ready. If we humble ourselves, in due time God will lift us up.
- No one can be a servant without a master. Accepting the information about Jesus as fact isn't enough to produce change. We have to place ourselves under God's authority and accept His will as our way.
- No one can serve two masters. There is no way that God's and the world's values can coexist. We must follow Jesus.
- Doing acts of kindness isn't nearly as transformational as being kind and acting out of who you are at the core. But as you deny yourself and follow Jesus in your actions, you will find yourself more able to conform to Christ's image.

You gotta serve somebody - Jesus

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