Saturday, October 10, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

Just finished reading "Green" by Ted Dekker. Having never read any of his works, I was coming in cold at the tail end of his "Circle" series. The other books in the series are best sellers, I just don't read that much fiction anymore. But Thomas Nelson offered to send me a copy if I would read and review it. So here I am.

The book wasn't easy for me to wrap my head around. The premise involves a man who jumps between two worlds, and the action that follows him affects each profoundly. In the world most like ours, there are conspiracies, tangled relationships, scientific terrors and anguished decisions. In the other world, there's a clearer thread running through it all - God is at work.

I have to admit that dashing back and forth between Bladerunner and World of Warcraft was off-putting. Also would say that the present day world action didn't really hold my interest at all. The world of the horde, elamites, and albinos was far more engaging and the characters more fully developed. In fact at one point I was going to give up. But the characters began to engage more with the Big Story metaphor and I went back in.

Sacrifice, Redemption, Evil, Good - they resonate in this book, especially as it comes to the exciting pre-conclusion. I choose that word instead of conclusion because this book is actually written as both sequel and prequel - it completes the "Circle". So, would I recommend it? Well, if it can keep me and finally draw me in it would probably provide hours of enjoyment for a real fiction aficionado.

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