Saturday, October 17, 2009

Every Dog Was A Therapy Dog Today

It's been 5 days now since we lost our big friend Henley to bone cancer. We continue to realize all the ways he interacted with us as we lived together as a family. You just don't realize what a part of your life he was until he's gone. Grieving continues here, but we're trying.

We went to Petland the other night just to hold puppies. All of us hate what Petland does to dogs and yet we went. And there we met Caroline (Bunny named her) the Great Dane puppy. She was awesomely sweet and ridiculously expensive, with a spotty pedigree and yet we almost hit the plastic. Even Sean was captured by her. We escaped, went home, and worried about how she was doing. Still do.

Today we went out to "Dog Daze" at the beautiful Ft Walton Beach Landings park. Incredibly nice place and dogs, dogs, dogs as far as the eye could see. Every dog I petted was a therapy dog for me. Some were more responsive than others. The huge English Mastiffs were snuggly and put their paw on you like Henley used to. I got "snuffled" by an Irish Wolfhound. A golden named Zoe gave me a few moments of her love and attention. The standard schnauzer and giant schnauzers were great too, but less affectionate.

The last dog I petted was a merle dane. She gave me a big sloppy kiss. I'll bet Henley told her I needed one. I did.

We'll keep looking for another forever friend.

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