Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joy Comes In All Sizes

"For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.” Jer 31:25

Yesterday marked our first week without our big furry friend, and I was trying to get back into the swing of things, but without much excitement. That's unusual for me, because I really enjoy what I do. But I was still struggling.

Then some messengers of joy showed up in my office. I know some parents try to shield their pastor from interruptions by their kids, but they really don't know how much I love being the kids pastor too. I consider their visits sacred opportunities to hear what God is doing and to learn from them what life is like at their age. It's an awesome blessing. Yesterday was a great example.

First I got to hear Ian's big plans to take his love for Sci-Fi onto the web. And I almost got to hear him whistle. He's so close. :)

I got to tease Jaime Roberts about her first solo trip to New Hope as a newly minted driver. "I so appreciate you parking away from the Honda since it's not paid for," was my opening comment. She smiled sweetly and said "you're welcome."

Then Jonathan Harrington and I got to talk soccer. I was ribbing him about what he had said about his performance this weekend. I know about as much about soccer as I do water polo, so it was interesting to hear from someone who really has a passion for it. Now I know enough to follow the game.

Then Allan showed up and told me about his trip to the Mullet Festival and outlined his plans for the week. Well, not just the week. Allan pulled out his pocket planner and showed me his birthday next year (on a Monday) and said "and you'll have my birthday party this Wednesday." And yes, New Hope will celebrate Allan's birthday on that Wednesday.

He left and Erin and Karon Harrington came in and I showed Erin what dogs I had seen at "Dog Daze" this weekend. Erin told me about her pug, and Karon shared the story of how they got her. We were sharing with each other how special our dogs make us feel.

Mary and Ka'rin Quinnell and Keith Brace came in too and picked up where the Harrington's left off. Keith had me look at several huge dogs, ("Do you have Google?" LOL) and I showed them what an Airedale looks like. We shared our love for dogs -which for Mary is spelled chihuahua. :)

My afternoon was filled with the joy of sharing life with the special people God has placed us with. I came to work dragging and left laughing at just how God had sent messenger after messenger to remind me that life would go on and joy was possible again.

It was awesome. I was blessed beyond anything I expected. God is good.

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  1. We too lost our boy Max to bone cancer a few weeks before your Henley. I can so relate to your sadness inside, while still looking for God's joy. Every story and interaction with friends mends that hole a little bit more. We have our baby girl Sasha (not so small, a Dane too) still to fill the house, but as she is up there in years, it is not quite the same as our lively Max. Thank you for putting into words what I have not been able to. -- Mindy (Sasha the Princess's Mommy)