Thursday, October 01, 2009

If Your Bible Study Seems Dry...

Life in the 21st century races by. The devices we count on to keep us connected succeed in separating us at times from what we need the most - the refreshing time spent with the Holy Spirit in silence. Over and over again we read about the ancients meditating on God's Word. Today we celebrate speed readers.

I like what Mark Batterson wrote this week:

Reading results in one-dimensional knowledge.
Meditating results in two-dimensional revelation.
Obedience results in three-dimensional faith.

In our haste, sometimes we leave out the vital time spent in walking around with the Spirit and digesting the truth of God's Word. I know in my case I have always felt more in command of the material on Sunday if I allowed the text time to "percolate" within my soul.

So if your Bible study seems dry, take time and let it "soak in the Spirit."

- David

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