Monday, November 10, 2008

World of Warcraft Archive

I am not the gamer in this house, Sean is. At one time in the distant past I played some online games, and also played some shooters. But I stink at them and have very little patience for anything I don't do well. But lots of younger folks I know are into RPGs and so in my never ending quest to know, I picked up Sean's copy of the backstory to WOW and began reading.

This is a THICK book. Like GWTW thick.

The stories are standard science fiction/ distant past/ legends of yore fare. Strong characters are developed, and whole worlds are set into place. But I can't say that I was compelled by it to read more.

It isn't Harry Potter. There's no magic here.

Let the flames begin.

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  1. "It isn't Harry Potter. There's no magic here." Of course, not! All the magic is in the Twilight books!! You should read them before I force you to take me to the first movie. :o)