Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi there neighbor!

Just been praying through some community needs and outreach possibilities.

One of the ideas that keeps coming back around to me is using some of the land here at New Hope to offer community garden plots to our neighbors.

We don't have a lot of land that's not used, but I'd suspect we have 3/4 of an acre. If we partnered with the area extension agent and got some help from the local gardeners, maybe we could help some budgets stretch farther and have the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors on a regular basis.

If we tied it in with "Veggie Tales" activities for kids and their parents, who knows how much impact we could have.


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  1. Rachel Weech7:43 PM

    That is a REALLY great idea. I love the idea of using Veggie Tales!

    Community gardens are quite trendy in my area. Colorado is pretty "green" so even people in the city like having locally grown food.

    Sounds like a perfect idea to bring to Valparaiso! What a great way to use land that's not being used otherwise, and using the opportunity to nourish the community.