Thursday, November 13, 2008

But I Waaaaaaaaant it.


While I have never been the shopaholic, I do love gadgets. For the most part I can fight off the urge to get the bright shiny toy, and try really hard to make do with less, I still have far too much of that desire to have in me.

All around us are people who are struggling not with wants, but with needs. We were able to help a mom and her kids this week who was living out of her car. New Hope got her a motel room, Bunny washed their clothes, we reached out to organizations that actually knew something about how to get help, and we hope that they are in housing tonight. We don't know because the woman had no phone. Things we take for granted - many people only dream of.

Lord, help me live simply. Help me to see the things you allow me to use as tools to do the work you'd have me do. And help me to help others.

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