Friday, November 14, 2008

"Let It Be Christmas" Update

Hi guys, I wanted to go back and unpack for you what this series of messages and accompanying music by the Beatles is designed and purposed to do.

1. Lift high the name of Jesus.
2. Energize His children to tell people of His grace and invite them to worship with us.
3. Cause outsiders to consider drawing near to hear the Big Story of God's reaching out for them

I have pasted below the four week message themes and accompanying music. The idea of using secular music is not to worship using it. It's to provide a backdrop for the Light of Jesus Christ.

This will be a series of services where we will be taking on some of the questions that have been on the hearts and minds of people forever. For the last 40 years people (and really before that) have been asking themselves questions that the Beatles put to music. They are common questions, but they are important ones because they reflect the fears, worries, and helplessness so many people carry in this world. Christ can fill those needs and bring new life!

So we are going to begin a journey together looking at what God has to say about those themes that the Beatles raised in their music. And we'll show how the Incarnation - the coming of Jesus, can change everything!

So here are the messages and the music we'll use to set the tone and get people thinking.

* Week one - Nothin's Gonna Change My World (Music - Across the Universe)
* Week two - All The Lonely People (Music - Eleanor Rigby)
* Week three - I Believe In Yesterday (Music - Yesterday)
* Week four - You Say You Want A Revolution (Music - Revolution)

and Christmas Eve's theme? - Let It Be

Now, I want you to read this next sentence several times and commit it to heart.

If we let what we use overshadow what we'll be saying about the coming of the Christ child, and what that means to everyone - whether a Christ follower or someone far from God - we'll have failed.

It has to be about Jesus.

Think of this as the musical equivalent of Jesus pointing to the flowers and saying "consider the lilies of the field..." the everyday pointing to what ONLY God can do - give us peace.

If we can bring outsiders closer to people (Us) who are seeking to worship God and love their neighbors, and testify to them with words and expressions of love - and see the Holy Spirit draw them to Him... HE WINS!!! Glory to God in the Highest!

So pray with me.


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