Monday, November 10, 2008

New Hope @ Worship 09 November 2008

With our youth and leaders away on a retreat today, it was trending a bit older than normal on the platform. But at least I was there to help demographically. :)

Our God Saves -great song that we did again after two weeks - lots of energy
Arise - praises Jesus, and helps us see Him as He is
Your Name - focus on the attributes of God
Forever - God is faithful
Amazing Grace - God is merciful. We sang every stanza

This was the fourth of a series called "We Hold These Truths" on the power of God.There were so many great scriptures and so many ways to approach it that I read, thought about and walked around with during the week, I wound up hitting several and nailing none. Note to self - preach A text, not all the texts.

God is able
He is exceedingly able
We is exceedingly abundantly able
To do
To do more
To do more than we can ask
To do more than we can ask or imagine

Would have been one way to approach it.

Well, to God be the glory and may His Spirit take my offering and use it to further His Kingdom advance.

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