Friday, November 07, 2008

The Power of Story

Have you ever had a thought that really gripped you, but you got pulled aside into other things and promptly forgot about it?

I have, but I picked up the trail again yesterday.

LOTR, Narnia, Star Trek, Star Wars,Harry Potter, Twilight, WOW

See anything there?

What do they have in common?

The power of Story.

If I call, tweet, IM, or email several people I know and ask an arcane question about any of those, I will get an answer to the question and probably far more than that.


The power of story. NOT the power of facts.

Now another list.

Creation. Fall. Exodus. Exile. Incarnation. Redemption. Resurrection. Mission. Return.

Why can't we communicate with more power the greatest story of all?

It is haunting me - driving me -forcing me to look at everything I do and everyone I lead in a different way. How can I help people hear and experience the Big Story in such a way that they are drawn in and compelled by the experience? How can we - through that - place the foundational facts into people - not just in their heads, but in their HEARTS?

When I began in ministry, an older pastor told me this, and not in a kind way.

"You are really good at telling stories and getting people to listen. I'm just waiting to see what you do when the stories run out."

He was referring to the illustrations I used to use so frequently within the sermons to try and get the message across. At the time I really thought that through doing that people would be drawn to the text and to God's story. Over the years though I think I have learned that more often they are going to remember that good illustration over what I had hoped they would remember from the text.

Now I really believe the Spirit is driving me to discover and to USE new ways of communication that everyone in the congregation can use to find their place in the Story and be captivated by God.

Pray for me in this quest.

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