Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back in Macon GA

Well, we're back.

We'll get a chance to visit with family tonight and tomorrow and then back to Valparaiso. Bunny's mom looked good when we went by the nursing home - well as good as anyone who just sat through watching the movie "Titanic" could look. Man that was a LONG movie.

There are so many memories attached to this place, and some yet to come. I'm looking forward to spending some time with our oldest son Adam tomorrow and yes, having some NuWays.

Maybe I'll have time to go by Daddy's house and see whether anything else has happened to it. Between looters, vandals, squatters and a tornado it is a miracle anything is left. His Ford pickup is still there. Someone tried to steal it and messed up the ignition switch and broke out a window. I need to see about getting it running and decide whether to bring it back to FL. My brother Bruce is handling getting appraisals and estimates so we'll know what to do - eventually.

But it's really just a house now since all the people that made it a home, and a place of adventure and love for our two little boys - are gone.

So yeah, every trip up here carries some weight home.

Keep praying for Bunny's mom to get better and come home. Then maybe we can come up for a visit, not a mission.

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