Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When worship practice becomes JOY!

Sometimes I wonder if we ought not have more people come over on Wednesday night to worship practice to practice... worship. By the time that a video like this could be filmed, we've already practiced as a band and are now practicing as a unit together. We're trying to eliminate all the "glitches" and make sure the music, the vocals, and the powerpoint are all they need to be on Sunday morning when we lead worship.

But every now and then, at worship practice, WORSHIP breaks out.

It did tonight, and I think a little girl named Reagan and a young man named Ryan were used to inspire the rest of us. It was the first time Reagan had ever been at New Hope. You can tell by the video though that she figured out what was going on pretty quickly. She was awesome - pure JOY! And then one of my favorite people - Ryan Marston broke out the best Southern Baptist hand raising I think I have ever seen. Complete with swaying - all while running the powerpoint!

Frankly, I didn't want to leave the sanctuary tonight. I could have stayed there and just repeated the worship set again and again.

I love New Hope!

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