Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sam the Airedale needs a forever home

Got a call this morning from the Florida Airedale rescue group. Sunshine Airedales is dedicated to promoting and protecting Airedales in our state, and are part of a network of breed specific rescues across the nation. Cindy Trumble is the president of the group and called to ask a favor - there was an Airedale listed near to me, and they had no one near enough to go check him out. So I said I'd be glad to.

Sam the Airedale had been found wandering on the beach by a couple vacationing down here. He was emaciated, his fur was so matted they had to shave him, but was so friendly that they felt they had to help him. So they took him to a local shelter. I had been there before. Great people, sad place for so many dogs. But today I had a reason - to see if Sam was indeed an Airedale.

And he most definitely is.

sam the airedale

So if anyone out there is up to the challenges and the joys of Airedale ownership, I can put you in touch with the people you need to talk to. Better hurry though - Sam is the class of that shelter for sure. :)

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