Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am FURIOUS - Arlington Cemetary Outrages

Certain jobs have sacred responsibilities. Every time I stand before people and proclaim God's Word, I do so knowing that eternity is in the balance. My role is to be faithful to my charge and do everything to the best of my ability.

In our nation, there are jobs which carry responsibilities that are sacred to the ethos of the nation - to what we hold dear - beyond price - of incalculable value. One of those jobs would be taking care of Arlington Cemetery. The men and women that are buried there -many of whom gave "their last full measure of devotion" on the battle field to quote Lincoln - deserve the same full devotion to preserving their resting place and their memory.

Recent revelations began as a trickle. Discarded headstones. Delayed implementation of computerized databases. Then it got worse - confusion about who was buried where.

It has now led to this. Click on the link if you choose to be shocked, saddened, and outraged. But I'm warning you, what you read there will make you sick.

If I were the Chief of Staff of the Army, I'd be out there personally with the Old Guard and ushering those who don't grasp what Arlington means to America out the gates at bayonet point to waiting police cars on their way to Leavenworth. Might be time to call or email your Congressman and Senators, and all you who served, can't you get the VFW and American Legion on this?

Updated link of Salon magazine article

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  1. I have several friends buried there. Heads should roll on this.