Monday, September 27, 2010

He's Listening

Our friend Mary is one of the most giving people I've ever known. She and her husband Jim are a great team that have gone the extra mile for people so many times it's just become who they are. They're followers of Jesus. That doesn't mean they haven't been visited with heartbreak and loss, just that they know they're not alone in it and that their God is doing what He promised to do - work it all together for good.

Mary's had a gaping hole in her heart for over 50 years. When still a little girl, her mom went away, never to return. It could have turned Mary into a bitter person, but it did just the opposite. Mary's a great mom and Grandmom. She's there for her kids even when it's beyond tough.

Still, it hurt. How could a Mom do that? Mary's been wondering that all these years.

Well, God was at work, and last week Mary had a tidal wave of grace break over her.

She found out that her Mom was alive and living in a small town in France. Then she was able to speak with her by phone. Mary found out she has a baby brother she's never met, and that her Mom was looking for her and her brothers too. Soon, Mary and her brothers will journey to France to reunite as a family.

Friends, maybe you've given up on something, but that doesn't mean God has. Maybe you've even stopped praying about it. Doesn't mean God's forgotten it. From your heart to God's ears. Keep believing. Keep praying. Keep living the life of someone who is wholly and dearly loved.

God just might have something for you that you never could have imagined.

He has never let you down,

never looked the other way

when you were being kicked around.

He has never wandered off to do his own thing;

He has been right there, listening.
Psalms 22:24 (MSG)

Grace and peace,


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