Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Recap Sept 12, 2010

Any time a pastor is led to open the Bible and teach on one of the "submission" passages, it brings the same sort of pleasure as exhibited above. Yes, it's great to be able to help people see God's plan for marriage and not what people have twisted it to supposedly mean. But it's like tap dancing in a minefield.

Knowing your congregation doesn't help. Just makes you more aware of the mines. But pastors need to suck it up and preach the Bible for all its worth. We have to make sure that we give people a chance to see what God intended marriage to be. Too many times people let friends or the culture set the narrative for their marriage.

 The synopsis? Marriage can only be what God designed it to be if each person has died to self and placed Jesus at the center of everything they do.

Our worship set yesterday was:
Today Is the Day
You, You Are God
O Worship the King
Unfailing Love

- Thought it went pretty well. We were down some with several folks out of town but also enjoyed our visitors.
- Still enjoying teaching the High School guys. They are pretty sharp.
- Maybe the lack of donuts and coffee before Sunday School helped, I don't know. :)
- We really have to fix the A/C breaker flipping issue. I noticed that the congregation gets unruly when heated. :)

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